[Histonet] Re: How do you clean your waterbaths?

Mark Adam Tarango marktarango <@t> earthlink.net
Sat May 15 21:13:08 CDT 2004

Hi Cathy,  

If you're looking to save some money, I've heard that some techs use cut
up phone book pages.  I've never done it, but I hear it works great. 

I've also seen more than one person use that plastic, cellophane wrap
that you find when you open a new box of slides.  They don't use it just
once,  it is kept on the edge of their waterbath and used many times
over before being discarded and starting with a new piece.  I've done
this once or twice, it seem like the paraffin loves sticking to the
stuff...like static cling or something.....

I hope you find something that works well.

Mark Tarango, HT(ASCP) AA
Long Beach Memorial Medical Center
marktarango <@t> earthlink.net

>>> Stevens Cathy <Cathy.Stevens <@t> HealthONEcares.com> 05/13/04 02:49PM
Just looking to see what various people use to clean the debris off
their water baths while cutting. We use kimwipes. Anything better?

Cathy Stevens H.T.(ASCP) BS
Pathology Coordinator
The Medical Center of Aurora
cathy.stevens <@t> healthonecares.com

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