[Histonet] senisitivity & specificity

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Thu Dec 18 03:32:03 CST 2003

Hi Tan

In cytology we use measures of sensitivity amnd specificity to monitor the screening programme. A sensitive test is one that identifies abnormal results and a specific test is one that identifies normal results.

As to whether ICC is more sensitive or more specific than IF, I'm not sure. I know when I did histology many years ago, we stuck with IF as it was more sensitive due to the background with ICC, but that was a long time ago and methodology has changed in that time.

My guess now would be that it may be very much dependent how well the technique is performed, but then is that not always the case!

Merry Xmas

Hedley Glencross
Manchester Cytology Centre UK

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We are having a little discussion here which we are unable to resolve to
the satisfaction of one and all - we have found conflicting (as there
are wont to be) information on the Internet.
Is the ABC/DAB method more sensitive or more specific than
immunofluorescence (direct/indirect)?

Thank you very much!
Min-Han Tan

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