[Histonet] polymerization problems

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It sounds like you don’t have your components insinc.  You must have enough
activator (usually benzoyl peroxide) to react with the initiator (usually
nn-dimethyl aniline and polyethylene glycol).  Polymerization requires that
the proper chemistry, volume and temperature combination be used.  Perhaps
it is too cold for your chemical polymerization reaction to begin with the
volume of mix you are using.
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Dear Histonetters:

I am going to try again, realizing that not many have vast experience with
embedding large specimen with technovit 9100 yet.  Maybe someone may be able
to share some pointers for a non-profit lab?

Essentially, we fail to successfully polymerize med fem ovine condyles in
approx 100ml jars.  Tried at -15C with no change in solution consistency for
a week; then brought it up to -2C still no change over three days.  Jars
were "vacuumed" and set in refrigerator / freezer.  I am at the of my rope
of troubleshooting.

Thanks for any pointers.

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