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    We place the retrieval solution in the steamer to preheat when we
place the slides in xylene to deparaffinize.  Use distilled water to the
fill line of the steamer, Turn the dial of the steamer past 40. Use 50
ml of solution per plastic coplin jar, and place a thermometer through
one of the holes in the lid into the buffer solution.The temperature
reaches 99 degrees in the time it takes to hydrate the slides. We use a
digital thermometer from Fisher with a thin probe(under 20 dollars).
Always place the same number of slides in each coplin jar(7) even if you
have to use blank slides. We put the slides in the steamer for 20
minutes,  take them out of the steamer, allow the solution to cool down
for 10 minutes and rinse in 3 changes of tris buffer.  The most
important thing is consistency. Work out the time that gives you the
best results for your lab. Record the temp, when you place the slides in
the solution and when you take them out. Be sure to lift the lid away
from you to prevent burns. wE found the steamer is less harsh on derm
tissue than a pressure cooker

Rena Fail
IHC/SS lab
Medical University of South Carolina
Charleston, SC
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One of our pathologists is looking for an inexpensive way to antigen
retrieve tissues for staining with CD3, CD68 and CD56.  I suggested a
Black and Decker rice steamer although I personally have no experience
with one.  Is anyone out there willing to share their retrieval
protocol?  I (and he) would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

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