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There is some commerically available double staining
kits outthere work very nice. Zymed has a kit called
"Picture DS polymer kit" (not sure the exact name),
you can contact them to get more details.

I hope this helps

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Thanks all for the very considered answers to my last
1. I would like to enquire - I am planning on using
rhodamine and FITC
to double stain my tissue slides with anti-p21 and
Unfortunately, both are nuclear proteins, and I have
heard horror
stories from a couple of colleagues on the
difficulties of staining the
same structure with different dyes. According to them,
usually only one
dye is predominant. Does anyone have any experiences
attempting to 
the nucleus with two different dyes, or would the
recommended approach
be to stain two adjacent sections?
2. I have noted an apparent artefact during my ABC-DAB
immunohistochemical staining of tissue. The tissue
border stains 
(an obvious artefact), but just below the border,
there is a rim which
completely doesn't stain at all, in stark contrast to
the centre of the
section. Has anyone else experienced this?=20

Thank you!
Min-Han Tan

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