[Histonet] Processor failure

Andrea Grantham algranth <@t> u.arizona.edu
Thu Aug 28 10:32:24 CDT 2003

I hope you are having luck rehydrating the BB's. Just a thought and I don't 
have the procedure at hand but some time ago there was an article (or maybe 
workshop) that included a way to hydrate old museum specimens and parts of 
mummies. Maybe somebody knows about this?
There is also something called Ruffer's solution or Zimmerman's that is a 
combination of 50 parts water, 30 parts absolute alcohol and 20 parts of a 
5% Aqueous Sodium Carbonate. Page 33, Freida Carson's book, 2nd edition.
Good luck!! Send us a e-postcard from Bora Bora.
Andi Grantham

At 06:36 AM 8/28/2003 -0500, you wrote:

>Sounds great - however I'm writing this from my laptop on a direct flight 
>from Chicago to Bora Bora.  I've brought the BB's along with me to soak in 
>South Pacific seawater (saline).   Thanks for the offer, 
>however.  Charleston will sound a lot more enticing around January in Chicago.
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>08/27/2003 03:39 PM
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>I think I've got an easier solution for you.
>pack an overnight bag and start driving toward Charleston (you won't need 
>much in the way of clothing here) we'll find a place for you in the lab 
>here and those little BBs will be someone else's headache. by the time 
>they realize you're gone you'll already be far enough away that you won't 
>have to hear the crying and whining.
>thought you should at least consider ALL of your options.
>Hey sometimes I find myself fantasizing about running away but then I 
>realize I am already here in Charleston and where else would I go???
> >>> <Jackie.O'Connor <@t> abbott.com> 08/27/03 08:28AM >>>
>Fellow histonetters:
>I haven't done this in years.  I came in this a.m. to find the tissues on
>my processor suspended in air over the first absolute alcohol station.
>Apparently, the machine, a Shandon Citadel 2000, was moved too close to a
>wall and stuck as it tried to rotate.  I have about 100 xenografts to
>rescue.  Right now they all look and feel like bb's.  My plan is to
>rehydrate them and reprocess them, but I have my doubts as to the quality
>of the morphology and any subsequent IHC.  As I said, I haven't screwed up
>a basket of tissue in years and years - so I would appreciate any new
>ideas on possibly saving these tumors.  Thanks in advance.
>Jackie O'Connor

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