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The law is the law in the USA. So far the unanoumous decisions across the USA courts have been very clear.  For those who are being super cautious despite the prevailing laws of the USA, You are doing very little to help develop new antibodies and enhance cancer research.
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Caution to all--make sure your patients have signed consent forms that will include this use of their tissue.

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Don't throw your expired embedded blocks in the trash. Some of them can be very valuable for research and antibody development. If you can provide a brief description of any positive block (no patient identifiers or names please), we will pay you top dollar to take them and send you all shipping labels and documents ahead of time so you can send your entire storage unit to us. We can provide certification that we will properly dispose of and be responsible for the blocks in our possession if our research partners find them of no use. For some specific positive tissues, a single block blocks can be worth over a hundred dollars to our partners.

Please contact us at contactus at springsidesci.com if interested.

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