[Histonet] Tissue blocks

Ken M kdean70 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 12 15:36:05 CST 2023

If that were true, all cancer research and antibody development in the USA would come to a complete halt. Get a signature from someone who died of cancer 10 years ago??  Here are the findings of most US courts. Here are the facts.

In legal disputes concerning the research use of excised tissues, courts consistently have rejected the idea that patients are the owners of their excised tissues or retain any property rights. While only three cases have been adjudicated to date, the findings (in both state and federal courts) have been consistent: patients do not have individual ownership, retain property rights, or have complete control over research use of their excised tissues.9,

Contact your legal Counsil to find the tructh.  We do not want any patient identifiers or case numbers.

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