[Histonet] QIHC certification

Paula Sicurello patpxs at gmail.com
Sat Sep 24 11:54:10 CDT 2022

Hello Listers,
Happy Saturday, it's a beautiful day here in San Diego.
I have a question:  Is there an alternative route for the experience requirement for the QIHC?  I need to get certified but I haven't been doing IHC at my new job.  I have been doing IHC since the early 1990's (remember the VectaStain ABC kits?).  At my prior gig I did manual IF on skin, kidneys (direct), and heart biopsies (indirect).
I don't have enough time to work the required amount at my new job.  I can't get a letter from my previous supervisor (she left for greener pastures).
Suggestions anybody?

Thanks oodles.

Paula Sicurello 

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