[Histonet] Research Histotech/On-The-Job Training position in Thomas Jefferson University, PA

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Entry level, on-the-job training position. The Research Technician will
learn and provide detail-oriented, full-range experimental histotechnical
service to internal and external clients in various fields of biomedical


   - Perform daily maintenance of the equipment in this Shared Resources
   - Provide custom and detail-oriented experimental histotechnical service
   to the clients of the Translational Research/Pathology Shared Resources
   laboratory, which includes, but not limits to receiving,
   preparing/grossing, processing and embedding biological tissue samples;
   sectioning paraffin and/or frozen tissue samples; performing H&E staining,
   special staining, IHC staining, TUNEL staining and ISH staining; scanning
   stained histopathology slides into digital images server, etc.
   - Perform complete blood count (CBC) on experimental animal blood
   - Formulate and prepare routine laboratory reagents, solutions and other
   materials according to established SOPs/recipes.
   - Assist Manager in providing data for clients’ manuscript, management
   reports, core-grant application and /or renewal, etc. as required.
   - Perform and document other routine laboratory procedures assigned by
   the manager.
   - Interact with co-workers, visitors, and other staff according to the
   core values of the University.


   - Receive histopathology requests materials and lab supplies/consumables.
   - Coordinate billing and invoicing when a request is completed.

   - Follow and/or update the written protocols and SOPs.
   - Perform other duties as assigned by the facility manager and directors.



Bachelor Degree in Biology, Biochemistry, Medicine or related field of


This is an entry level on-the-job training position. Educational background
in Biology, Biochemistry, Medicine or related field of study is required.
Research experience in a Biomedical/Pharmaceutical laboratory is preferred.

Compensation Range: $33000.00-$45000.00

Please apply the Job through our Career website:


Zhijiu Zhong
Kimmel Cancer Center
Thomas Jefferson University

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