[Histonet] Cold ischemic times

E. Wayne Johnson ewj at pigs.ag
Tue Feb 15 11:37:07 CST 2022

When I first saw the title of your email I thought it was
a publication OR a commentary on The Era.

New York Times
Cold Ischemic Times
Global Times
Los Angeles Times.


It was the worst of times
it was the best of times
Man, these are such cold ischemic times,

(Brother, can you paradigm?)

We never knew what time it was
but we knew how sublime it was.

E. Wayne Johnson DVM
Enable Ag Tech

Greg Dobbin via Histonet wrote:
> This is more of a survey than a question:
> For those of you tracking and documenting your cold ischemic times for
> breast tissue (ie time out of body to time sliced [as needed] and immersed
> in formalin), and I assume most of you are...*what is your average time?*
> *Background:*
> *I ask because my director was looking for suggestions for quality
> indicators to report and while I feel like our cold ischemic average time
> is impressive at ~17 mins, she says that is pretty standard for everyone.*
> Thanks,
> Greg

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