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Hobbs, Carl carl.hobbs at kcl.ac.uk
Wed Feb 2 13:29:23 CST 2022

I'm a loner Biomed Scientist ( Histology specialist) in Research
I use stABCpx-DAB regularly
Yes, polymer kits are quicker and very sensitive.
However, I have tested 3 popular such kits and they ONLY work well( in my hands) if you also use their DAB: I tested this by substituting my DAB for theirs ( and vice versa)  and got the same signal strength as my  "LSAB" std method
I also used my LSAB/their DAB and got greater sensitivity
So, imho....it's the DAB that gives greater sensitivity thus more dilute most expensive primary abs.
Sure, if time/simplicity is of the essence...Polymer kits are the current "best"
However....for an extra max 60 mins...I just add Imidazole to my DAB visualisation solution after stABCpx detection
That gives me identical sensitivity to polmer kits at much less cost.
Sure, I can "play"...if you are in Diagnostic Histopath......you can't.

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