[Histonet] Jones problems

Amos Brooks amosbrooks at gmail.com
Sat Sep 25 07:02:43 CDT 2021

     When I first did this stain, I had really light staining of the GBM.
StainsFile has a note in the procedure that describes thiosemicarbizide.
Being a complete nerd, I wanted to see another source as well. Here is a
link to an article where it is used...
     I also make these chemicals freshly each time. I accomplish this by
pre-weighing the solids sufficient for a 50ml volume and storing it in an
eppendorf tube. When you need it, pop the tube into the requirement volume
of water and you're golden.
     I do this because in addition to having good freshly made solutions, I
found the thiosemicarbizide goes bad rather quickly after use. TSC is the
lynch pin for the procedure. The silver on it's own does not react very
strongly with the aldehydes that are reduced by the periodic acid without
the TSC to facilitate the precipitation.

I hope this helps,
Amos Brooks

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