[Histonet] Bone marrow clot IHC tissue sections washing

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We reported our study of 15 brands of adhesive slides for "wash off" and
found little difference among the different slides when well-fixed cell
culture material was examined.
On the other hand, poorly-fixed breast cancer tissues did appear to adhere
more strongly to some slides than others (TOMO being among the best).
Additional factors need to be considered, though, and I note that your
baking procedure is different from what is recommended by many slide
In general, baking at 60-65 deg C for 1 hour is said to be optimal,
although we did not examine that parameter specifically.

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On Thu, Sep 23, 2021 at 1:02 PM Martha Ward-Pathology via Histonet <
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> It was brought to my attention that we had significant washing on  3 of 8
> bone marrow clot sections the other day; this is not the first time so we
> would like to get to the bottom of this.   We use positively charged slides
> and all 8 cases were cut and run the same morning but allowed to air dry
> and then bake at 60C for 20 minutes before being run on our Bond 3
> stainer.   Has anyone out there experienced this type of problem and if so,
> what were your solutions?    The repeat of the 3 cases today showed similar
> washing of tissue.
> This hasn't just started but has occurred periodically but the
> pathologists have tried to live with it and usually we can finally get
> enough tissue to stay on after 1-2 attempts.   Suggestions include cutting
> and drying the slides overnight and/or going to a gelatinated  slide versus
> a sialylated slide.   We have been using this particular brand of positive
> charged slide with good results for several years and rarely have issues
> with other tissue types unless they are particularly bloody.
> Thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
> Martha Ward MT(ASCP) QIHC
> Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist
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