[Histonet] Surepath

warda hassan redrose297 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 04:56:02 CST 2021

Dear Hitsonet

We would appreciate a feedback from laboratories with Surepath for their
Cytopathology examinations, as we as Cytopathology group had encountered
few issues, any feedback would be appreciated.

Many smears didn't take up the cytoplasmic stains. They looked pale,
grayish and did not show the bright colorful stain compared to other few
smears that showed a nice cytoplasmic stain.

- One smear showed dark nuclear stain causing it difficult to evaluate the
nuclear details. This smear particularly also showed dark precipitate

- A few slides didn't show cellular material, and looked as they were
washed out!!
- The endocervical component was not seen in most of the slides. (?sampling
? technical issue?)

Overall smears showed better staining and cleaner background. however we
still need to see less cellular clustering and better stain uptake.
Especially if slides are run on the same batch, the stain should be

Thanking you in advance


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