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E. Wayne Johnson ewj at pigs.ag
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I use Nuance Dragon for making video scripts, transcribing audio stripped out of video recordings, and for dictation of documents.
Until one gets it trained it will create very humourous mondegreens of technical terms.
But you can add terms like thromboembolic meningoencephalitis and extramedullary haematopoesis which it handles with glee.
It is very fast and it can go as fast as I can talk.
I have a very fine Shure desktop microphone and a Jabra headset.  The Jabra headset sounds awful on audio recordings
but is great for dictations.  The Shure microphone sounds awesome but doesnt match the Jabra headset for dictation speed and
accuracy.  The worst thing about Dragon is that it is Windows-based and they dont have a Linux version and it doesnt run under Wine,
so I have to reboot my machine and start windows when i want to use it.

mModal is a 3M product.  3M medical is pretty stodgy and unfriendly and hard to get along with.

E. Wayne Johnson, DVM
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Terri Braud via Histonet wrote:
> We were using mModal and are in transition to Voicebrook which uses Dragon as a speech recognition set up with SQ CoPath for both grossing and microscopic dictations. We have mixed user feelings, too.  Our PA who does the majority of the gross, uses it and has lots of templates preset to simplify the gross. She uses voice commands to navigate through CoPath.  She is very fast and seldom has an error.  With the pathologists, it's a bit of a mixed bag, somewhat dependent on how they embrace the technology change.  Proper installation and set up, complete with templates is key.  The use of a headset with mic seems to produce the best results as opposed to a gooseneck microphone.  I hope this helps.  Terri
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> Does anyone use Dragon while grossing? We are looking at switching to Dragon and wanted some feedback for use in pathology.
> Currently, we use M*Modal for dictations and then have transcriptionists type all of the information in Cerner reports.
> Thanks!!
> Amanda
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> I used it exclusively in GI lab for years and loved it but we only did small biopsies, so it was super simple.  We use it now throughout the system I work in and there are a variety of opinions.  Some of the PAs love it and some really struggle.  Same with the pathologists.  So we live in dual worlds with both Dragon and MModal.  If you would like to contact me separately I am happy to discuss! Thanks Cristi
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