[Histonet] Is there a way to orient FFPE sections with an indicator that remains visible post staining?

Cheryl tkngflght at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 8 12:30:11 CDT 2021

Hi everyone-
We have a researcher who needs to put multiple samples in one block for quality and cost control.  There are four different samples per tissue and they've been processed differently but all are FFPE.  
Is there a way to put an orientation mark in the block that transfers to the slide - like a section-able plastic bead or wax-based dye so we can embed these membranes in a specific order and she can keep track of the order on her future slide preps?
I recall there was a cassette with little plastic 'fingers' to orient shave biopsies to embed later where the plastic cut and remained on the slide without interfering with any staining process or coverslipping- something like that??

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