[Histonet] Delays in tissue embedding after mouse tissue

Hobbs, Carl carl.hobbs at kcl.ac.uk
Sat Sep 5 03:39:25 CDT 2020

Hi Jamie
I do this often, for he same reason
Ms and rat soft organs ( hollow and solid) leg bones, whole ankles, ears, cube of tissue containing cochlea, chick ribs.....
Once  the delay was 6 months. I allowed the cassettes with tissue in to solidify ( as do you) and then leave them in a labelled box to await embedding.
Sometimes the researcher cannot embed at scheduled time and I would rather fix then process than have fixed tissues sitting in 70% alcohol until they can be processed and embedded on schedule ( sure, it doesn't adversely affect, in my xp, to leave in 70% alc at 4C provided the tissues have been optimally fixed ( meaning in 10% Formalin)

Obviously I strongly discourage any delay, telling them that it is deleterious
Gotta keep them Researchers in order
Best wishes

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