[Histonet] IHC validation after a new tissue processer is installed

Martha Ward-Pathology mward at wakehealth.edu
Tue Sep 1 13:49:02 CDT 2020

Hello all,

After a very long time our histology department is getting a new tissue processor, and hopefully several more in the near future.   Of course for IHC that means a revalidation/reverification of our IHC stains.  Since I have not had to do this before I wanted to get some guidance on how to go about doing this.      I feel like I have to completely revalidate the ER, PR and Her2 (20 positive, 20 negative) but wasn't sure about the other antibodies.   We have a menu of around 130....do I have to test every one of them or can we chose a representative sample?     How many antibodies would you suggest?   How many positive and negative cases of each should we run?   It says it is left up to the medical director but with our CAP inspection next spring we want to make sure we will be fully prepared.    What have others done?

Thank you in advance for your help with this.

Martha Ward, MT (ASCP) QIHC
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

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