[Histonet] MelanA

Rhonda McCormick rmccormick10 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 22 14:30:11 CDT 2020

 I thought I'd reach out and see if anyone can help with some IHC troubleshooting (or know someone who might). Our Melan A that once was working on our canine tissue, no longer is.

We are using:

1:300 dilution of the Leica MelA antibody

BioCare IHC platform

Antigen Retrieval performed in pressure cooker

Alkaline Phosphatase detection

We are also using known controls and still... no staining. 

We'd appreciate any ideas or recommendations (or even questions that might lead to those "lightbulb" moments). Sometimes when you're so mired in the problem, it just takes someone else to shed some light on it.

Thank you


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