[Histonet] Mounting media for immunofluorescence slides

Martha Ward-Pathology mward at wakehealth.edu
Fri Mar 6 09:19:55 CST 2020

This may be an odd request but I am hoping someone out there can help us with this problem.     Our institution is purchasing new digital scanners (Olympus 200) to scan all our pathology case slides.     It has come to our attention that the mounting media we have all been using for cover slipping our direct immunofluorescence slides (skins and renal biopsies using FITC IgG, etc. antibodies) is incompatible with the use of these new scanners.   We use a hard set mounting media from Vector but it is never quite hard enough to prevent any movement of the cover slip, which is apparently critical to the scanning process and potentially damaging to the scanner.    The techs that are using the scanners are advising us to use a permanent mounting media such as Cytoseal 60.     Has anyone encountered this problem and was there any downside to using something like Cytoseal 60 on the slides?   We plan to test a few control slides to see how they look.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.

Martha Ward
Molecular Diagnostics Lab
Wake Forest Baptist Health
Winston-Salem, NC 27157

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