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Stericycle takes care of all your waste, including decanting and disposal.  They are all over the US..Health & Safety alone plus employee time will justify you using these people.  No one should still be doing this…
I’ve used this company at several hospitals. They are great.
Good luck,
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Stericycle is a compliance company that specializes in collecting and disposing regulated substances, such as medical waste and sharps, pharmaceuticals, hazardous waste, and providing services for recalled and expired goods. It also provides related education and training services, and patient communication services. Wikipedia
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Subject: [Histonet] Tissue disposal

Good morning Histopeeps! After reviewing our Policy Procedure Manual, our manager is questioning the bags we are using for disposing our tissues after diagnosis is complete.  We are separating the tissue from the formalin by straining the excess formalin and neutralizing it.  We then put the tissue into “Large Biohazard Bags” and the EVS staff picks it up and disposes it.  My manager is wondering if the “Biohazard Bags" are appropriate.  Should the bags state “Tissue” on the them?  Are there any special disposal bags available?

While working for a GI Lab in Monterey, CA we put all our bottle and tissue in "Biohazard Bags" and a Hazardous Waste company picked up the waste products from our endoscopy department along with ours.  Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,
Akemi Allison, BS, HT/HTL

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