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Hi Betsy,
     I wouldn't do it. It's an unnecessary risk to let them dry out. Better
to leave it in distilled water if you absolutely must. Ideal to not
deparaffinize in the first place if you can't finish the stain. Dried out
sections is just a bad plan.

Amos Brooks

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> Good day and Happy Martin Luther King Day. What are your thoughts on
> letting deparaffinized slides dry to be used for future use , or keep in DI
> water for a time? I deparaffinized  some slides this morning, then the
> researcher called and asked me to hold off on staining them. I am going to
> continue staining them after explaining the situation to her. But I am just
> curious if they can be held after being deparaffinized.
> Thank you.
> Betsy Molinari HT(ASCP)
> Texas Heart Institute
> Cardiovascular Pathology
> Houston, Texas

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