[Histonet] microarray question

Lauren Sweeney lmarie08 at uga.edu
Wed Mar 28 13:24:29 CDT 2018

Hello Histoworld,

I was wondering if anyone out there has any experience with microarrays? Making the blocks and cutting them. We have been having a hard time with all the nuances of this process and were wondering if you could share any tips/tricks you have learned doing this process. Recently, I have been wondering if there is a special kind of embedding medium that may work better. We have tried with Paraplast and Paraplast Plus and it seems like regular is better in general. But even still, we have cracks that form, and sometimes the block pops off while cutting on the microtome and also we never seem to have every punch unroll when laying the ribbon out on the waterbath.

Please help!


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