[Histonet] Leica ST5050 immunostainer

Matthew Fleming mgflem at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 08:00:00 CDT 2018


I have a small dermatopathology lab and would like to introduce limited
immunohistochemistry.  Initially I would probably just do MITF stains with
red chromogen on a few cases per week. We could do this by hand but I've
noticed a number of ST5050 immunostainers for sale at very low prices. I
know they're quite old but we have a number of machines old or older that
continue to serve us well. But so far I haven't been able to find a manual
and am concerned about finding consumables. Leica apparently stopped
supporting this model some time ago.  Is anyone out there still using it?
Anyone have a manual? Anyone like to comment as to whether it might be
usable for a limited IH operation?

Thank you,

Matthew Fleming, MD
Fleming Dermatopathology
Milwaukee, WI

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