[Histonet] Staining Protocol for Chromosome Counting in Plants

Bharti Parihar bhartologist at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 17:09:00 CDT 2018

Hi ya'll. If there are any individuals out there that have done
karyotyping, I need to try a protocol to get a chromosome count on a desert
plant. We have germinated seeds with long roots, so sample size shouldn't
be an issue. Tried a Orcein stain, but the results are quite lacking and it
may not be the right stain for this plant. Gonna do a bit of modification
with the fixative to specimen ratio to see if that helps, but it's possible
this just isn't the right stain. After all, the stain ordered is for
Arabidopsis, which is not our research plant. This is my first time doing
plant histo, I'm used to human tissue, so I really don't know which stain
to try. Anyone with any help/advice to offer, I would immensely appreciate

Bharti Parihar, HT (ASCP)CM

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