[Histonet] Bouin postfixation

Gudrun Lang gu.lang at gmx.at
Sun Jun 10 09:37:58 CDT 2018

The treatment with bouin afterwards doesn't make the formaldehyde-fixation undone. This would be rather a kind of antigen-retrieval
and results at least in a mixture of both fixations. 
I would stay with the familiar formaldehyde-fixation without experiments and try to get the best out of it with the best fitting
antigen-retrieval method.

Gudrun Lang

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Dear histonetters,

I have to do immunohistochemistry with an antibody that works better in Bouin fixed samples. But I am afraid that my samples -just
unprocessed- are in formalin.

Do you think that it could be help to transfer them to Bouin 24 hours and then 70 ethanol and embedding?

Thanks in advance

Pablo Sanchez-Quinteiro
Lugo. Spain
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