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Biocare Medical Intellipath...its completely open and is a continuous load machine, meaning you can start a run on one rack while still loading programs on the other racks if you choose.  Biocare is coming out with a new machine in January (I think), that is supposed to do heat retrieval online as well, instead of in the pressure cooker, but I haven't seen it in action yet. 

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Hello all,
                We are in the market for a new IHC stainer. (Our Lab Vision 720 is no longer reliable.) We average about 20 slides a day, but sometimes get research projects that are 50+ slides.  Not interested in a closed system; it is for a veterinary histology lab, and we need the flexibility to tweak antibodies for dogs, cats, horses, and zoo animals. I'd really appreciate feedback from users who are in a similar lab setting.


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