[Histonet] osmium tetroxide

Blanca Lopez Blanca.Lopez at UTSouthwestern.edu
Wed Aug 29 08:11:16 CDT 2018

I am looking a protocol to stain osmium tetroxide....Is anybody can share their thoughts...on a frozen section.

I attached an idea of how this person wants me to follow his protocol with this staining but I kind of lost...

my PI request:
I'll be perfusing the mice with saline solution 0.9% followed by 10% formalin
Cryoprotect the tissue with 30% sucrose
Cut 30 micron sections in cryostat and mount on slides

I would handle you the slides, since the tissue contains Fluorescent proteins, must be protected from light

Once the staining with osmium is finished, you can give me the slides back to check the staining and the fluorescence before it is dehydrated and coverslip.

thanks for your help

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