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I guess the question is, who told you this and what is their reference?

Most special stains don't require a hood. Only those that have volatile chemicals or odors that may be offensive (ie, ammonium sulfide). We have some areas we do specials without a hood. Our main special stain areas have a "comfort" hood that is not a real chemical hood but more like a hood in an oven hood in a commercial kitchen.  They are not certified or checked in any way and we do not claim they are safety hoods.

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I would like to know how many people perform (manual) routine special stains under a hood.  We do basic specials - Giemsa, AB/PAS, GMS, Trichrome, Muci - but we do them on the counter, not under a hood.  We have been told the staining needs to be done under a hood, but I have never done that in my entire career.
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