[Histonet] Calretinin for Hirschsprung's

Hobbs, Carl carl.hobbs at kcl.ac.uk
Mon Aug 13 14:11:34 CDT 2018

When I was doing them biopsies (  pre-operative) to establish status, we used a std histochemical method on frozen sections of biopsy material ( visualising acetylcholinesterase activity).
It used Osmium to enhance /darken positivity so, NOT recommended these days.
I recall somebody leaving the lid off the Osmium ( stored at 4C)…..the fridge plastic lining was BLACK the next day!

So, any antibody that identifies nerve fibres and ganglion cells should be equally effective, using IHC/IF?

Sure, interpretation is critical ( identifying presence/absence of ganglion cells and "significant" increase in lamina propria of nerve fibres as compensatory mechanism)

There must be an internationally recognised/accepted protocol?
Which technique does Great Ormond Street Hospital/St Thomas' Hospital  use, these days?


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