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Hi Jennifer,

        I've worked in five labs all with different flooring and the floor that is in my current lab seems to fit your needs. It is a battleship gray deck paint (with sand or grit in it) that was applied when the lab was built 1990. The gray hides the dirty paraffin, lets you see the black inked and the whitish un-inked specimens. We use sidewalk scrapers to get the excess paraffin up, sometime a little of the microtome cleaner too if it gets bad.  We have surgeons bringing specimens down in their booties, office folks walking in their stilettos safely until they get on the smooth hall tiles just outside of our doors. Spills clean-up OK, we just haven't found anything to remove the mystery eosin stain that showed up one Monday but I don't think that's the floor's fault.

happy hunting...


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Hi Histonetters,

We are looking to replace our flooring in Histology.  Has anyone found a floor that they LOVE for Histology?

Here are some of our challenges:

1)      Floor cannot be slippery for pathologists/OR personnel/vendors who walk into the space in heels or wearing booties.

2)      Histology needs to be able to scrape the floor to remove paraffin.

3)      Histology needs to be able to identify tissue should it fall to the floor, inked or not inked.

4)      Histology needs to be able to clean up small chemical spills, especially xylene, with it soaking into or melting the floor.

Our housekeeping has significant staffing challenges, so an extensive housekeeping requirement to maintain the floors would not be an option for us.

Thank you for your input (as specific as possible please).


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