[Histonet] FW: cutting a 5um frozen section from a 50um section of brain

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HI Ms. Powell!! , Thanks for the reply. When we last all saw each other at the Georgia Histopalooza I expressed an interest in training on the cryostat with Cindy Baranowski.  She was so nice and had me come over to the hospital back in June.  That was really really nice of her! But now I can't get the new Cryostat smell out of my nose!   I have not reached out to her nor Jennifer nor Jeanine with this issue.  I bother Jennifer all the time I try not to tread too much, she too is very helpful.  There is another tech Susan Jenkins here at Yerkes that I have talk to about my project.  She was doing something similar but found using the Vibratome worked for her project.  I need sections thinner than the vibratome will cut.
I'm using the Leica CM3050 S.  I'm able to get the temp right to cut brain sections with little curl to them.  I'm talking about getting my 50 um section(they are about 2 to 3cmsq) to remain flat through freezing so that I cut a section in one plane.  I hope that makes a little more sense.   I will reach out to Cindy.
Thank you so much!

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Hi Even, 
Have you asked any of the other histotechs at Emory about this.  I know Cindy Baranowski, Jeanine Bartlett and Jennifer Smith work there.  What cryostat are  you using.  I know that the temp for cutting brains is a little different from other tissues.  Sometimes the machines have anti-roll systems in place too.  Also How big are your brain sections?

Shirley Powell

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Hi Histonet , I have been trying to cut a FLAT 4 to 10 um frozen section from 50um sections of brain.  Every time I think I have the tissue flat the sections are never in the same plane.  I found a wonderful book in pdf format(A Practical Guide to Frozen Section Techniques, Stephen R. Peters) online with lots of wonderful tips but I'm having no luck implementing the tips.  Has anyone ever tried this?  Any help is GREATLY appreciated.
Thank you,

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