[Histonet] Metabisulfite rinse for PAS reaction (potassium vs sodium)

Bryan Llewellyn llewllew at shaw.ca
Mon Mar 6 20:28:06 CST 2017

You can use either the sodium or potassium salt. Both can also be used 
to make Schiff's reagent as well. In fact, many histotechs leave out the 
sulphite rinse step and simply rinse off in water and wash well with tap 
water. It seems to work just as well.

Bryan Llewellyn

Angela Lamberth via Histonet wrote:
> In Carson’s 3rd edition, the reducing rinse following Schiff for PAS is
> 0.55% potassium metabisulfite (pg 137-138). For PAS/AB the reducing rinse
> is given as sodium metabisulfite (Carson pg 149).
> My other texts (Sheehan/Hrapchak as well as Vacca) list the reducing rinse
> as sodium metabisulfite which makes sense to me since the Schiff is made
> with sodium metabisulfite.
> Is this a printing error in the Carson book? I appreciate any light anybody
> can shed on this.

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