[Histonet] Trimming soft brain

Julio Benavides j.benavides at eae.csic.es
Mon Mar 6 16:18:19 CST 2017

Hi there,

I´m trying to trim ovine foetal brain (90 days of gestation). The brain is
too soft and there is no way to get a proper slice. It has been in buffered
10% formalin for three weeks but still too soft. When you take the brain
out of the pot and put into the trimming table, it just kind of spill over
the place. We have tried to embed the brain in 7.5% gelatin, which helps to
keep the shape of the brain before trimming, but as soon you cut the slice,
the centre of the tissue just melt away. I was wondering if there is any
post fixative solution we can try. May be Bouin´s?

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!



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