[Histonet] Metabisulfite rinse for PAS reaction (potassium vs sodium)

Angela Lamberth alamberth at lji.org
Mon Mar 6 11:57:33 CST 2017

In Carson’s 3rd edition, the reducing rinse following Schiff for PAS is
0.55% potassium metabisulfite (pg 137-138). For PAS/AB the reducing rinse
is given as sodium metabisulfite (Carson pg 149).

My other texts (Sheehan/Hrapchak as well as Vacca) list the reducing rinse
as sodium metabisulfite which makes sense to me since the Schiff is made
with sodium metabisulfite.

Is this a printing error in the Carson book? I appreciate any light anybody
can shed on this.

Angela Lamberth
Histology Technician III
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