[Histonet] gloves

Lauren Sweeney lmarie08 at uga.edu
Mon Jul 10 14:31:52 CDT 2017

Hello HistoWorld,

My lab is desperately trying to find where to purchase "Cranberry Aqua Source Nitrile Gloves" and having no luck. Going to the website listed on the box of gloves, there is no way to purchase the gloves online. It just says 'to order contact your local dealer'. I called their 800 number and they said that you have to contact a distributer and they recommended Henry Schien. When I contacted Henry Schien they were very snobbish on the phone and said that there was no way to get a quote from them if we aren't already "members" and account holders with Henry Schien. Just thought I would ask fellow histotechs if they use these gloves and if so, who their distributer is.

Thanks! :)

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