[Histonet] ultraclone RA95101 PGP 9.5

Hobbs, Carl carl.hobbs at kcl.ac.uk
Sun Feb 26 11:32:21 CST 2017

Ultraclone no longer make this Ab, sigh

Always a strange Supplier.....Rossiters Farm/Ultraclone's setup  always made me think of Royston Vasey

However, I have replaced it with Abcam's ab108986
See images of results on  ms, rat and human FFPWS on Histonet Images website
I think it's excellent ( I use it mainly to see/count  C fibres in mouse epithelium so, it's GOT to be good).
Abcam  also do an excellent Ms monoclonal ( see Histonet image site also)
Sure, DAKO's ( Agilent) anti PGP 9.5 is also good for human but, I have not tested it on ms/rat.

Or.... Cedarlane:

which offers alternatives.

Good luck!
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