[Histonet] Frog tissue

John Shelley jshelley at sbpdiscovery.org
Tue Feb 21 10:26:05 CST 2017

Good Morning Histonetters,

My daughter's class dissected frogs and her teacher gave me a frog to dissect and make histological slides and blocks for her. I have taken a bunch of tissue and not too sure how well preserved the tissue may be but I thought I would give it a try. I am sure that someone out on the Histonet has encountered such tissue and would like some help with what a good processing schedule would be. I tried to cut everything between 3-4 mm but may have some a slight bit thicker. I have all internal organs like heart, lung, kidney, stomach, intestines, female reproductive system and some eggs. I have outer skin, an eye and both front and back hands and feet for a better term, along with tongue and upper jaw of mouth. I have decaled some bone. So as you can see I have an array of tissue types that may or may not require different schedules on the tissue processor and any help would be greatly appreciated.

I thank you in advance!

Kind Regards!

John J Shelley

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