[Histonet] Modified GMS Protocols

Nipuna Weerasinghe nipuna.we at gmail.com
Thu Dec 28 13:30:10 CST 2017

I would like to know from subject matter expert why KMno4 never used as an
alternative oxidant to CrO3 in Modified GMS. Oxidation of 1,2-glycol
linkages in carbohydrates to aldehyde groups can be done by KMNO4 and used
to do the same in Castella’s potassium permanganate-Schiff reaction, and
Gordon and Sweets' reticulum. Moreover, KMNO4 is a strong oxidant that can
oxidized aldehyde to carboxylic, so this leads to closer mimicking of
function of CrO3.

Also why people only tried periodic and not any other oxidant to replace
CrO3. I could not find any primary literates concnering this matter. Only
handful of attempts with periodic is there.

Thanks for your answers in advanced


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