[Histonet] Unprocessing tissue from paraffin

Caroline Miller mills at 3scan.com
Wed Sep 21 14:38:00 CDT 2016

Hi there Histonetters!

I am currently working through some issues of unprocessing tissue to then
restain 'whole mount' with various stains, and then reprocess back to

I am running into issues of tissue being brittle and scratchy tissue after
reprocessing and sectioning.

Can anyone offer any advice on kinder dewaxing procedures and / or
additives to the unprocessing / processing fluids that might help in the
resulting piece of tissue?

I have currently been putting it through the cleaning cycle on the
processor, so standard xylene then alcohol treatment.

thanks in advance for your advice!

Caroline Miller (mills)
Director of Histology
415 2187297

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