[Histonet] Change in linear dimensions of soft tissues in larval insect when fixed

Jorge A. Santiago-Blay blayjorge at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 14:43:02 CDT 2016

Change in linear dimensions of soft tissues in larval insect when fixed

Dear Histonetters:

I have nearly ca. 200 museum specimens of aquatic larval insects (1-3 cm
long) that I assume were killed by dumping them in (at the minimum) 70%
ethanol. In the only one case that the label states anything about
preservation method, it reads "KAAD --> 95%". I assume that several changes
in ethanol 70% have taken place to refill vials, as needed, in the 48-77
years since the specimens have been dead.

Question: While the hard body parts will barely change in dimension with
time, does anyone know how does the softer body parts change in size? Is
there any variation in size change whether the preservation took place
early or late in the instar?

If you have any constructive suggestions, please email me directly at

blayjorge at gmail.com

Apologies for potential duplicate emails.



Jorge A. Santiago-Blay, PhD

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