[Histonet] removing araldite sections from glass slides

Amanda Lauer alauer2 at jhmi.edu
Fri Sep 16 08:46:27 CDT 2016

Good morning, everyone. We have come into possession of a collection of mouse ears that were embedded in Araldite and intended for TEM. Most of the thick sections are mounted between sheets of Aclar. However, at some point there must have been a miscommunication with technician working with the tissue, and some of the specimens were mounted on glass slides and coverslipped. We believe Permount was used as the mounting medium.

We would now like to re-embed some small pieces of the tissue for ultrathin sectioning. Is there a procedure for removing the cover slips and Araldite sections from the slides? I can't find anything online or in our old histology books.



Amanda Lauer, Ph.D.
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Dept. of Otolaryngology-HNS
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