[Histonet] Starting immunos

Tyra Connor taynay143 at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 8 10:32:32 CDT 2016

Hello All,

My lab is CAP certified, however this does not include the upstairs Mohs lab.  Now they have expressed an interest in doing a MART-1.  The two Mohs techs are not HT/HTL, they are OTJ.   I am a HT, but was pretty sure that it does not cover me doing immunos. Does the Mohs section have to be CAP accredited to do immunos?

Things I do know (admittedly limited):

-immunos are not FDA regulated

-immunos require basically a Millipore system for reliable staining

-possibly would need to purchase an immunostainer (Bond/Ventana/Dako)-again for reliability, I know they can be hand-stained

-validations must be done on the stain and the instrument (how many cases/slides and do you send them to someone else for peer review)

Basically any advice from you all about a lab that has never done immunos with a doctor that is asking about bringing it online.

Thanks for imparting all your vast wisdom,


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