[Histonet] Dako Herceptest Link kit question

Martha Ward-Pathology mward at wakehealth.edu
Wed Sep 7 13:34:55 CDT 2016

We just installed a new Dako Link Autostainer and have started using the Herceptest Link kit.   We had been using two drop zones with our other, older instrument but that was applying only 100 uL in the 2 drop zones.   With this new program we  set it up to apply two zones of 200 uL but discovered that we will be cutting our test capability in half  (50 to about 25 slides).  How are other users handling this?   Do you use two drop zones, one on each end to cover the control and case material or do you have the reagents apply in one drop zone in the middle of the slide?  I am just concerned about the reagents spreading evenly across the slide.   What is everyone else's experience with this issue?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Martha Ward
Wake Forest Baptist Health

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