[Histonet] aniline oil/Holzer stain

susanbachus at verizon.net susanbachus at verizon.net
Fri Oct 21 17:06:23 CDT 2016

I'm trying to locate aniline oil for the Holzer glial fiber stain.  I 
purchased what was listed as aniline oil from ENG, but the first hint that 
something was wrong was that it was incompatible with the chloroform also 
included in the differentiating solution.  Looking at the fine print on the 
bottle, I saw that it was actually "aniline oil, 2.5% aqueous", which I 
would have interpreted as only containing 2.5% water, except that it seemed 
to be completely aqueous (2.5% aniline?), inasmuch as it wouldn't mix with 
the chloroform.  I can't find any other source online.  I see that it is 
also called aminobenzine or phenylamine, but am also having trouble locating 
sources under those names.  I realize aniline oil is relatively toxic, but 
am using it under a fume hood.  I tried dipping slides separately in the 
(apparently aqueous) aniline and then chloroform, but still didn't get good 
differentiation.  Can anyone suggest a source or a substitute?  Many thanks 
for your help!   Susan 

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