[Histonet] semi-automated/automated TMA instrument to buy?

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We had a Beecher but it acted stupid, so we got a Pathology Devices semi-automated arrayer.  We typically build ~ 100 blocks per year, under a variety of study banners, so it's ideal for us.  The machine is mostly manual, but is durable and Ron (owner) should be commended on how helpful he is.  Our clientele have expressed the excellent quality of our finished products.  I like the fact that I can do 4 identical TMA recipients (if needed) and I do not have to flip the block over.

Fully automated unit?  I know people running the Beecher-fully automated unit, and they run their units overnight, 7 days/week.  If you google TMA arrayers, you should get a few units to look at (ie. http://www.ihcworld.com/products/Tissue-Microarray-Instrument.htm), but I can't personally vouch for any fully automated unit.


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Dear all amazing histology people,

Our lab is looking to buy a New great semi-automated/automated TMA instrument.

I worked before on manual Beecher and semi automated Veridiam. They are just ok.

Do you have any suggestions? I think Beecher has an automatic one?

Thank you and have a wonderful day!


Adriana Rosca HTL (ASCP) MS

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