[Histonet] Histonet Digest, Vol 152, Issue 18

Steve McClain SteveM at mcclainlab.com
Fri Jul 22 16:49:52 CDT 2016

PAS crystals. The problem may not be the stain at all. occurring  due to conditions  to leaching of biochemical substances, in the tissue. Dirty processors, or use of KOH or acids applied to the block just before sectioning. Those may not be washed out.  
These crystals are especially common in thin 1-2mm fungal toe nails. I can tell you how to get at it, but it's a long story. And a bit of science to move you toward a solution.  Kindly send me a private email. 

The fungus stuff is too weird to share in mixed company.  Your pathologist will resist or not believe it. 
Heck if I didn't have calibrated photos, I wouldn't believe it either.  

The toenails are so weird, I am working to improve w 3D gross images.
Steve A. McClain, MD

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