[Histonet] H&E staining on tape

Judi Ford jford at cytomx.com
Thu Jul 21 14:31:17 CDT 2016

Hi everyone,
I have a colleague that has been asked to do H&E staining on a frozen specimen collected on tape. The tape has been attached to the slide using nail polish. Can't use the CryoJane system due to the light flash. Her question is "will the nail polish disintegrate during the immersion in alcohol and xylene?". Another question is will the stains attach to the tape and obscure the tissue?  If so, what to do with about that. She is also worried that the tape will fall off into the staining dish and get lost. I'm thinking maybe using a 6 well disposable tissue culture plate for the staining of the tape then reattach it to the slide and coverslip.
Any suggestions?
Thanks so much,

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