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I have had this annoying experience a few times over the last 20+ years.  It seems to me the breakdown is with quality control at the manufacturer.  Most recently, 1 out of 5 containers  came back to the lab leaking.  I put pressure on my vendor, who put pressure on his vendor.  Unfortunatly, his vendor really didn't take the situation seriously.  Even after explaining the dangers to lab personnel as well as patients being exposed to formalin they did nothing.

I feel fortunate the histology supply vendor I deal with values our business. He went and found a new vendor/manufacturer that has supplied us with containers that don't leak and so far they understand the health hazzard and the annoyance of what to many may seem trivial.

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This is one of the things that comes up every couple of years.   Leaky prefilled formalin containers.   I know we have all dealt with nurses or physicians that can't put the lid on correctly or put the label on the threads of the containers.  Some of the new designs have a "clicking lid" when they are supposed to be sealed.   My experience with the "clicking lids" are that some vendors have lids that the "clicker" breaks off as soon as you unscrew it so obviously it doesn't help when putting the lid back on.   Another vendor that has the "clicking lid" does not have the "clicker" break off when you unscrew and screw but the containers still leak.

It seems to me that someone could come up with accost-effective prefilled formalin container that does not leak (of course provided the lids was put on straight).   I would be interested in other's experiences with this elemental yet extremely annoying issue.     It seems like if we can make new automated electronic instruments someone might be able to make affordable container that doesn't leak.


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